Ki Mige

Hichkas ft Reveal

Ki Mige

March 30, 2020 34 3.4K

Producer: Mahdyar Aghajani
Label: Moltafet

متن آهنگ

کی میگه


کي مي‌گه شبمون ستاره‌اي نداره؟‌
تو آسمون آسفالت، ته‌سيگار شهابه‌
کي ميگه جنگ حاصلي نداره؟‌
مينو مي‌شه کاشت و بمب خوشه‌اي شرابه‌
نارنجک اناره‌
آدما هم وقتي مي‌ميرن کود مي‌شن‌
کي مي‌گه حقيقت تلخه؟‌ ترشه که همه چشما رو بسته‌ن‌
امکانات محدود مي‌شن‌
مشکلات دامن‌گير هيچ‌وقت منکراتي نمي‌شن‌
چون فکر مي‌کنن مردم محجوب مي‌شن‌
کي مي‌گه حجاب جلو تعرضو مي‌گيره؟‌
تانکايي که هيچ‌وقت عقيم نمي‌شن، تعرض کردن به سوريه‌
ضامنو ماليد سرباز جون‌به‌کف‌
باعث و باني ديکتاتوري‌
همسايه تازيد و چاپيد و خون شاهدو پاچيد تو صورت مساله‌
همه راديکال شدن و جنگ داعشو زاييد‌

کي مي‌گه آب آبي نيست؟‌
کي مي‌گه هست؟‌
کي مي‌گه گل تو قالي نيست؟‌
کي مي‌گه هست؟‌
کي مي‌گه اينا عادي نيسـت؟‌
کي مي‌گه هست؟‌
کي مي‌گه مي‌شه دهنا رو گاهي بست؟‌

Whoever said that the sentence would ever end?‌
That the pressure would ever lessen? The tensions would ever mend?‌
Whoever said that truth was dead and never mentioned again?‌
My most precious treasure’s my pen‌
Represent to the end‌
Whoever said that them pretenders and devils were ever friends?‌
Never tend to repeat the same errors ever again‌
Look at the trends‌ We ain’t from the same era as them‌
We rebels with pens‌
These brethren let the levels decend‌
I never bend‌
Weapons stay close to me like a special friend‌
Count my blessings on rosaries made of precious gems‌
Smokin’ special blends to stay in present tense‌
And then ascend to mental levels that’s heaven sent‌
I represent, London residents and dungeon denizens‌
Gully Iranis over the globe, youngins to veterans‌
The relevance is evident, setting a precedent‌
It’s the resonance of the movement, who said it’d ever end?‌

Whoever said killers don’t have a conscience?‌
Whoever said dealers have to live godless?‌
Whoever said that death isn’t half of life?‌
Whoever said that heaven and hell are hard to find?

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